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Repost from Fins and Fluke:

Call to Action: Stand Up for the Indian River Lagoon

The Indian River Lagoon, North America’s most biologically diverse estuary, is facing massive wildlife die-offs in a record amount of time. That’s not a big deal, right?

Yes, it’s a huge deal.

This is an issue that has been brewing for quite a while and it is finally starting to get the attention that it needs, but we need to act fast. Algae is taking over the Lagoon, killing seagrass, suffocating the inhabitants, and although there are many suspected culprits of what is causing the algae to grow in such an abundance and so rapidly, excess nutrient pollution is undeniably a large part of the problem. Excess nutrients wash into the Indian River Lagoon during summer, the rainy season, and that is why we need to urge the local governments to implement strong protective ordinance complete with a ban on fertilizer use during the summer months. Lush, green lawns are nice and all, but a healthy lagoon is better.

This Thursday, July 18th,  at 9am, the county commissioners of Indian River County are holding a special meeting on this subject. The county is currently considering passing a weak state ordinance that will fail to protect Florida’s water quality and does not include a summer moratorium on summer fertilizer use.

Please take time to call or write to the Indian River County commissioners and urge them to pass strong ordinances that protect the beautiful Indian River Lagoon, and the amazing creatures that call it home, such as the bottlenose dolphin and the West Indian manatee.


 You can find the commissioner’s contact information here. We have constructed a small sample letter that you can e-mail to the commissioners.


  • be polite and courteous
  • use strong language such as “I urge you” and “I am calling on you”
  • tell them why this issue is important to you personally


To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing you today urging you to support a protective ordinance for the Indian River Lagoon, including a summer ban on the use of nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers. The Indian River Lagoon is the lifeblood of the Treasure Coast and we all need to do everything in our power to protect it. The massive wildlife die-offs in the Indian River Lagoon are undeniably unusual and alarming, and this tragedy has captured the attention of people all over the world.

I am calling on you to choose the Indian River Lagoon, the lifeblood of the Treasure Coast, over the fertilizer industry. Please pass a strong ordinance, complete with a summer fertilizer usage moratorium, and stand up for the Lagoon.

We can save the Lagoon!

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